Imagine Social Studios was founded with the goal of helping merge technology and psychology to facilitate well-being in all aspects of life. Prior to our tech-driven world, people found themselves receiving implicit direction with regards to emotional regulation and socialization. As we've become more reliant on technology, aspects of our growth in these key areas may fall by the wayside. We seek to step into that gap and provide the explicit instruction for individuals of all ages who may be lack certain fundamental skills in behavior, socialization and emotion. Our goal is to make such learning fully engaging, yet subtle, while still keeping our Experiences both uplifting and enjoyable.


  • Dignity

  • All lives have intrisic and inalienable value. Employee, customer and those unaffiliated must be treated as such.

  • Innovation

  • Always try something new. Be unconventional. Maybe it's a feature, not a bug.

  • Idiosyncrasy

  • Don't be unique for its own sake. Embrace your natural differences.