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Welcome to The C. Creasy Institute for Students with Probable Bright Futures (If Things Go According to Plan)!
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Something strange is happening, and it's up to you to find out what! You'll be learning all kinds of skills to discover what is hidden behind the doors of this poorly-named school. As a new student, you'll have the chance to make friends with all kinds of characters, each with their own unique traits or idiosyncrasies, or whatever is supposed to make fictional characters interesting.

Is that a tree? Or is it a tree filled with... uh... mysteries? Watch out behind you! No, it's just... you were standing in front of a door, and someone was trying to open the door, and they called your name a bunch of times and you were spacing out or something. Pay more attention next time.

Mystery Academy is a game that seeks to challenge the player to make positive and prosocial choices in order to progress. Yes, there are options to be a force of negativity, but those options lead to an unsatisfactory ending, as so often is the case in real life. Though the world of Mystery Academy is fabricated, we hope the interactions feel authentic and real to encourage the player to positively invest in others within that world! After all, the fate of the universe depends on it! OK, sorry. That's an exaggeration. More accurately, the fate of some people in a self-contained story depends on it. Which should still matter, even if it's not as cool as saving the universe...